Fertilisers: All crops

Law Fertilisers strategy for effective nutrition includes:

  • Improve rooting capability with phosphate in the seedbed
  • Increase use of trace elements and sulphur
  • Review fertiliser input levels based on crop uptake, not
    just offtake
  • Utilise bulk fertilisers where possible
  • Use one fertiliser in base for all non nitrogen nutrients
  • Reduce fertiliser levels by improving timing of application
  • Use foliar nutrition proactively
  • Use cover crops to reduce bare land over winter to act
    as carbon sinks
  • Use plant antioxidants to reduce plant stress i.e. zinc

Law Fertilisers provides an independent, professional and targeted approach to fertiliser use in all major crops on the farm, including potatoes, cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet, fruit and vegetables.

If you require any information about Law Fertilisers, its products and services, please call 01354 740740 or use the contact page on this web site.