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The Law's Garden Pack is the only Soil Association approved product available to gardeners.

The pack consists of 6 products (3 liquid foliar sprays and 3 granular fertilisers) ideal for domestic garden and vegetable plots all made to maximise the quality and yields of your flowers, fruit, vegetables and lawns.

  Seaweed (500ml bottle)
A natural source of plant hormones and microelements including high concentrations of iodine to encourage rapid growth. Ideal for flowers and vegetables.
  Accelerator (500ml bottle) (8% nitrogen)
To use on leaves and soil throughout the season and during drought and disease and after frost to reduce or eliminate stressed conditions.
  Rootbooster (500ml bottle)
A formulation of trace elements and hormones that speeds up growth of plants by encouraging vigorous root development.
  All Purpose Garden Fertiliser (3Kg tub) (6N-6P-6K)
Natural plant extracts and minerals to enrich your soil, containing nitrogen for plant growth and green leaves, phosphate for strong root growth, potash (potassium) for stem strength and flower vigour and trace elements for plant growth.
  Soft Fruit and Tomato Fertiliser (3Kg tub) (7N-0P-7K)
Natural plant extracts and minerals to boost quality and yield of soft fruits and tomatoes contains nitrogen for plant growth and green leaves and potash (potassium) for succulent and flavoursome produce.
  Soil Conditioner
A complex mixture of organic carbon products and trace elements which helps to retain water and nutrients in the soil. Improves the ability of the soil to nourish plants. Ideal for use in plant potsor greenhouses.
Price is £30 plus delivery.
Delivery to UK mainland (excluding Highlands and Islands) is 7.50
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