Contract Services: Packing

Law Fertilisers have the capacity to contract pack, either as a part of a manufacturing or coformulating process or as an independent service for other companies in a number of market sectors.

Contract packing of liquids into a range of different size bottles and drums is available at the Wimblington factory.

For granules - powder - finished products in securing closed premisis.

Powders and granules
Laws can offer contract packing of powders and granules into

  • Bags and sacks
  • Rigid packs e.g. bottles, cans, cartons, kegs and tubs
  • Satchets e.g. film laminates

The factory can produce granules to a high specification with no caking and low dust. The technology has been developed in its granulation plant, making Laws at the forefront of in both trace element manufacture and organically certified fertilisers.

If you require any information about Law Fertilisers, its products and services, please call 01354 740740 or use the contact page on this web site.