Contract Services: Spreading

Law Fertilisers can provide a delivered and spreading service that is second to none. We employ our own highly trained spreader operators who will apply fertiliser accurately and at a low cost, cutting out expensive storage and application machinery.

With over 28 years and 1,000,000 acres of experience, it is important to understand the principles at Laws' for accurate fertiliser spreading:

Use of granules no smaller than 2mm

All Laws Fertilisers are screened for dust

Use of even size and density of granules

All granules are between 2-4mm (non salt) or 2-6mm
(including salt)

Why you should choose our spreading service

  • Give your crops a better start for less
  • Base fertilisers applied to the seedbed improve establishment and phosphate uptake efficiency (by 15-25%) compared to top dressing
  • Improve timeliness when labour and tractors are busy
  • Bulk fertilisers cost up to £20/t less
  • Law's provide a professional and accredited service
Even bout widths
All spreaders fitted with GPS technology

If you require any information about Law Fertilisers, its products and services, please call 01354 740740 or use the contact page on this web site.