Advanced Foliar Feeds

We are the only UK factory that can prepare tailor made foliar feeds that we can formulate based on our own investigations of your crop. We have recently launched an exciting range of products to further boost grower returns:

  • Oil Seed Rape Late Feed:
    A solution containing amino acids and potash blended with key trace elements such as manganese and zinc

  • Cereal Protein Plus:
    A combination of nitrates and trace elements which increases protein producing physiology within the cereal crop and ensures the crop will be safe for all markets

  • Late Beet Feed:
    A reliable formulation that will extend green leaf into the winter and reduce the effects of frost by increasing sugar content and key micro nutrients

  • Potato Late Feed:
    A combination of potassium, magnesium and hormones to increase speed and quality of bulking to reduce the risk of internal disorders

Foliar Feed Application Rate Cost Delivery
OSR Late Feed 10 litres/ha £0.85/litre Delivered in IBCs
(+25p per 25 litre cans)
Cereal Protein Plus 5 litres/ha £1.25/litre Delivered in IBCs
Late Beet Feed 5 litres/ha £1.75/litre Delivered in IBCs
Potato Late Feed 10 litres/ha £1.95/litre Delivered in IBCs