Foliar: Law’s Foliar N (8%N)

Law’s Foliar N (8%N) is a natural plant extract that provides a valuable source of nitrogen, balancing out any short term deficiencies and acts as a biostimulant.

It benefits the crop by increasing yield, advancing and evening out ripening, increasing sugar content, improving fruit set. It also reduces effects of drought or saline soils and reduces or even eliminates damage due to cold or frost.

Law’s Foliar N is applied when the plants are in need of such a supplement – such as at the start of vegetative growth, at flower and fruit setting and at fruit, tuber, bulb or ear swelling or at colour change.

Application rates

  • 3-4 litres/hectare for arable crops and potatoes
  • 300 ml/hectare at each of four applications for
    citrus and fruit crops

Available in 10 litres and 1000 litre drums

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