Granules: Law’s High N (10%N)

Law’s High N is a granular plant extract of nitrogen, a plant nutrient vital for growth, cell division and leaf quality. Each granule also contains important secondary nutrients including potash, phosphate, manganese and copper.

Law's New Improved Nitrogen
For some time our Law's High N has been the leading source of readily available nitrogen certified for use in organic farming. Now we have further improved it by increasing the minimum analysis to 10% N, all available within three months of application. Recent research has shown that Law's High N has a significant impact on soil ecology by increasing the inoculation of the root system with Mycorrhizal fungae, which will then aid water and nutrient uptake.

Law’s High N (10%) is readily released in the soil to match crop requirements with a rapid initial nutrient availability of 30% of nitrogen over 30 days followed by slower release of up to 2 units per month, depending on soil temperature and moisture. The nitrogen is taken up more efficiently than synthetic nitrogen such as urea and ammonium nitrate, allowing lower rates of application than conventional equivalent.

Crop Application rate (kgs/ha) Timing
Wheat 375 Early stem elongation
Potatoes 500 Planting/pre-ridging up
Maize 375 At drilling
Silage 325 March
Grassland, grazing 275 February/March
Available in 25 kg and 1000 kg bags

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