Granules: Law’s High P (15%P)

Law’s High P (15%P) is a granular, calcined mineral that provides slow release of phosphate over the growing season. There are also important secondary nutrients including 7.4% calcium and 7.6% iron as well as zinc, manganese and copper.

Phosphate is vital for root growth and plant establishment. Law’s High P is more efficient than Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) due to its gradual release that matches crop uptake. It is also more readily available to the crop than rock phosphate which is not available unless soils are very acid. Law’s High P is citric soluble and available for plant uptake in all pH’s.

The natural phosphate ions together with their slow release increases the efficiency of use by three times that of synthetic water soluble phosphate such as TSP. So if a crop needs 90 units of phosphate as TSP, it would need only 30 units of Law’s High P.

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