Fertilisers: Potatoes

Law Fertilisers have developed sophisticated fertiliser strategies for potatoes which aim to increase yields and improve quality.

The strategy starts with placement of soluble nitrogen and phosphate at planting. This leads to earlier rooting and canopy establishment, reducing the risk of direct evaporation of moisture from the soil surface and enabling the plant to utilise sunlight energy for starch production during the vital yield-determining first 60 days of growth. Phosphate increases root weight, enhances tuber numbers, nutrient and water uptake.

Placement of fertilisers at planting allows effective uptake such that minerals can be redistributed between different parts of the potato plant to minimise stress and maintain tuber development. Placement of nutrients close to the seed allows more efficient uptake by the growing plant and less opportunity for these nutrients to become fixed into the soil complex.

Recent placement technology ensures accurate and efficient application in a tight band below and to the side of the mother tuber, through the use of a front mounted hopper and applicator located on the planter. Such targeted placement can reduce overall fertiliser costs and minimise environmental concerns.

Recent research proves that key trace elements have a role similar to that in humans as antioxidants. Law’s have developed a trace element compound, Potato Plus, containing specific ratios of calcium, boron, manganese, copper, zinc and sulphur to be incorporated at planting that increases the plant’s ability to counteract environmental stresses and has a direct effect on powdery and common scab.

Recent research shows the correlation between certain trace elements and improved quality characteristics:

  • Calcium
    Protects against internal rust spot and improves skin
    strength and finish
  • Manganese
    Reduces common scab and keeps leaves green
  • Zinc
    Reduces powdery scab and encourages root growth
  • Sulphur
    Improves dry matter formation and is vital for leaf growth
  • Boron
    Reduces internal browning, aiding calcium uptake
  • Copper
    Catalyst for manganese uptake, increases skin strength

Law’s potato fertiliser system is tailor-made for variety, field and market.

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