Press Release · 16th June 2007

Laws provide the First Integrated Range
of Fertiliser and Crop Protection Products
for Organic Use

Law Fertilisers, the independent company supplying fertilisers and crop protection to the market, claims to be the first company to provide a comprehensive and integrated range of fertiliser and crop protection products certified for use in organic production. They are actively seeking independent distributors for their products in countries outside the UK and point out that supermarkets in the UK are keen for overseas growers to use well-known and certified products on their crops.

Mark Law, Managing Director of Law Fertilisers, explains that the company has been inspected and has satisfied the requirements of the Soil Association standards for certified products. “Our certificate of registration was issued recently and adds to certification already attained from other Organic associations such as Organic Farmers and Growers. This means that organic and indeed conventional farmers can use this range of fertilisers and crop protection products with the confidence that they are of renewable, natural origin and are formulated to a very high standard for optimal availability to the crop and easy and accurate application. We feel that we have broken through the technical barrier when it comes to organic crop inputs and this has now been recognised by the various certifying bodies.”

Recently Soil Association certification for eleven fertiliser and trace element products, including Laws High K, Laws High N, Laws High P, Laws Calcium, Laws High P Plus and Laws Foliar N, as well as boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc has been granted. “We also have two traditional and effective crop protection products : Wetcol 3, a broad-spectrum copper-based fungicide for use in a wide range of vegetable and fruit crops and Derris, an effective broad-spectrum insecticide developed from the plant extracts of Ruba-root (Derris elliptica) and containing rotenone.”

“Wetcol is a blend of purely naturally occurring ingredients including copper as a tetracopper tricalcium sulphate and soluble calcium, formulated as a stable dispersion. It contains its own naturally-based spreaders and stickers which add to its effective coverage, whilst maintaining its organic position. The product has a very fine particle size of just 2 microns, resulting in better leaf coverage and rainfastness, important in a mainly protectant-acting fungicide,” explains Mark.

“Derris is an effective broad-spectrum, non selective insecticide which offers good control of winged and biting insects including aphids (both greenfly and blackfly), beetles, sawflies plus a bonus effect on caterpillars, red spider mites and thrips. It shows low risk of resistance build-up which is an increasing problem in many crops and is non toxic to humans with a one day harvest interval,” says Mark.

Mark points out that Laws’ product range is consistent and effective as well as natural and safe to the operator, the environment and the food being grown. “The natural components of our fertilisers are also more readily available and more easily taken up by the plant than synthetic equivalents, the slower release reduces leaching and matches crop requirements.”

“The organic market is increasing both in the UK and abroad and specialist growers are expected to produce crops of high quality and yield, just like their conventional counterparts. UK growers have been able to benefit from the use of our products and we would like to offer this opportunity to organic growers abroad in Europe, Africa, China, New Zealand and other countries. We are pro-actively seeking business partners in these countries who can help distribute and support our unique range of products to growers and would invite any interested party to contact us directly to discuss ways of moving forward,” says Mark.

For further comment and information, please contact Mark Law, Managing Director, Law Fertilisers Ltd on +44 (0) 1354 740740 or on +44 (0) 7710 324463 (mobile) or via e-mail

Wetcol contains copper. Wetcol is a registered trademark of
Law Fertilisers Ltd.

Editors Notes
Law Fertilisers manufacture a range of granular blends, using the highest quality raw materials and tailored to individual crops needs. Their integrated service is based on soil and plant sampling, sound scientific research and many years experience. Products are supplied directly onto farm, in bags or bulk and can be delivered and spread using in-house spreading service at a considerable cost saving.

Law Fertilisers aims to provide an independent, professional and targeted approach to fertiliser use in all major crops on the farm, including potatoes, cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet and vegetables. They also have a unique range of fertilisers and inputs suitable for organic crops.


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