Press Release · 17th June 2007

Laws Expand their Variable GPS
Spreading Service

Law Fertilisers, the independent company supplying fertilisers and crop protection to the market, have acquired another new additional Terra-gator fertiliser spreader which will expand their spreading and mapping service across East Anglia.

Mark Law, Managing Director of Law Fertilisers, explains that this expansion means that the company can offer a new dimension in variable crop nutrition, increasing the efficiency of use of fertilisers by tailoring them more precisely to soil and crop needs as they may vary across fields.

“Our expanded service includes the ability to vary nitrogen top dressing based on in-field nitrate testing, using Nitracheck, variable fertiliser maps for all key crops including cereals, oilseed rape and root crops and variation in soil sample size with site and soil type. We also map all nutrients, based either on soil or tissue sampling, and produce these as an easy reading map with GPS coordinates. Consequently, nutrient application programmes are integrated with yield maps and yield potentials and so fertilisers are tailored and targeted to each individual farm’s needs.”

Mark points out that the UK farmer needs a more tailored and more sophisticated approach to crop nutrition and that this can only come from companies with a local interest and a deep understanding of crop nutrition and the food industry.

“With increasing consumerisation of Asia and Eastern Europe, the expansion of ethanol manufacture from crops together with concerns about dwindling nutrient components, agriculture in the UK needs the fertiliser industry to provide the technologies to meet future opportunities and threats. Law Fertilisers believe that fertilisers offer the opportunity to add value, not just a commodity that requires cost management."

“The expansion of our services indicates that this approach is being widely accepted by many forward thinking farmers and we look forward to providing an independent, professional and targeted approach to fertiliser use to many more farmers this coming autumn,” concludes Mr. Law.

Growers and advisors are invited to have a look at the company’s new web site on to see the range of products and services provided. If farmers would like a free consultation to discuss how Law’s can help improve the timing, placement and content of their fertiliser thereby improving gross margins, they are invited to contact Mark Law directly on on 07710 324463 (mobile) or via e-mail

Editors Notes
Law Fertilisers manufacture a range of granular blends, using the highest quality raw materials and tailored to individual crops needs. Their integrated service is based on soil and plant sampling, sound scientific research and many years experience. Products are supplied directly onto farm, in bags or bulk and can be delivered and spread using in-house spreading service at a considerable cost saving.

Law Fertilisers aims to provide an independent, professional and targeted approach to fertiliser use in all major crops on the farm, including potatoes, cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet and vegetables. They also have a unique range of fertilisers and inputs suitable for organic crops.


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