Press Release · 4th June 2007

Harvest 2012 - What went wrong?

The disappointment of harvest 2012 has been attributed to a moist spell of weather that affected flowering and lack of sunlight. We do not agree.

Although sunlight levels were depressed in the summer the extensive root systems, good nutrient availability from fertilisers applied to damp soils and an "early spring" with high leaf canopies should have led to at least average yields. With a number of low input and organic farmers achieving at least average yields, of good quality and low disease levels, we conclude that the main cause was:

  • Phytotoxic effects of fungicides and glyphosate
  • Severe trace element deficiencies affecting grain development

To address these problems we have developed an economical initiative to grow crops without synthetic fungicides which we believe in some cases actually reduce plant and soil health and reduce nutrient uptake. Law's Fungicide Minus is a range of fertiliser compounds that work by stimulating the plant's natural defence mechanism such as strengthening cell walls, putting up physical barriers to the invading organism, or releasing toxic chemicals which damage and kill an invader.

Intensive agronomy support is available and with cost savings of over £60/hectare over conventional fungicides: the system would work in harmony with a premium fertiliser system to ensure that the plant is not deficient in any key nutrient for growth.

Editors Notes
Law Fertilisers manufacture a range of granular blends, using the highest quality raw materials and tailored to individual crops needs. Their integrated service is based on soil and plant sampling, sound scientific research and many years experience. Products are supplied directly onto farm, in bags or bulk and can be delivered and spread using in-house spreading service at a considerable cost saving.

Law Fertilisers aims to provide an independent, professional and targeted approach to fertiliser use in all major crops on the farm, including potatoes, cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet and vegetables. They also have a unique range of fertilisers and inputs suitable for organic crops.


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