Fertilisers: Products

Law Fertilisers can provide the full range of fertilisers for a wide range of different crops on the farm.

So why use Law Fertilisers?

Only the best raw materials are used
Law’s use only the very best raw materials. For example they use only the most soluble 98% phosphates. Other suppliers of liquid and suspension suppliers use cheap rock phosphate which is only soluble in pH’s of less than 5, whilst other phosphates from Europe are at least 10% less available. Law’s only use sulphate sulphur which is immediately available to the growing crop, unlike elemental sulphur which is inefficient.

Soil and plant testing
Law’s provide in-depth independent soil and plant testing services free to customers and fertilisers are tailor-made to exactly suit the crops’ requirements. Testing helps monitor the growing crops and allows any problems to be corrected.

Fertilisers tailor-made to individual requirements
The plant at Wimblington makes the right fertiliser product exactly for individual crops needs. Extra minor and trace elements can be easily included in the grade, following soil/plant analysis. Whatever the size of order, Law’s can provide.

Cost-effective spreading service
Because the fertiliser raw materials are brought in through local ports and manufactured at our factory near March in Cambridgeshire, Law Fertilisers can provide a local spreading service using Terra-Gator spreaders direct to farm at a very competitive price. Response time can be within 48 hours from order.

Conventional and organic products
Law Fertilisers can provide a range of products for both conventional and organic crops. For details of the organic range, click here.

Independent and professional service
Law Fertilisers aims to provide an independent and professional service for fertiliser use in all major crops on the farm, including potatoes, cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet, fruit and vegetables.

Introducing Law’s new Phosphate
Law Fertilisers now have a new low-cost phosphate alternative to expensive water soluble Phosphates.
The benefits of Laws TCP are:

  • Low cost - 30% lower cost per unit
  • All season phosphate availability - increasing P uptake at flowering by 40% especially at extremes of pH
  • Trace elements included - giving a more balanced nutrition
  • A sustainable resource - sourced from UK rather than fossilised deposits from overseas
  • Developed and manufactured in Britain - by Law Fertilisers Ltd

Specialist knowledge of a wide range of crops
Law Fertilisers can provide advice and appropriate products for a wide range of crops including potatoes, cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet, fruit and vegetables.

If you require any information about Law Fertilisers, its products and services, please call 01354 740740 or use the contact page on this web site.