Research & Development

Saving our Ash Trees

Law Fertilisers Ltd has given priority to working on a small control programme for the Chalara disease that is threatening our national stock of ash trees.

We are confident that a range of nutrients will boost tree health and help the ash trees resist the attack from the fungae. Our programme of prevention has been tested over the winter and we hope to have an effective action plan in the coming months. In the meantime, we are lobbying politicians and civil servants to postpone any widespread and irrevocable cull of trees, and your support in lobbying your local politician on this issue would be valuable.

For our Fact Sheet on Saving our Ash Trees and to be kept up to date with the availability of the new process and technology, please contact our office.

Improving Soil Quality

After the wet autumn and winter it is essential to consider the effects on soil structure and soil ecology of compaction and water logging. We developed Laws Soil Conditioner which was used to reinvigorate the soils of East London that were to be used for the Olympic Park in 2012 to produce a green and colourful setting for the games. In particular we were asked to nullify the effects of any toxic chemicals that may be present after hundreds of years of industrial and urban use.

Laws Soil Conditioner has also been used to reduce the effects of soil borne diseases and pests such as free-living nematodes. Applied at 375 kgs/ha the product is a safe and natural alternative to prophylactic chemicals.

Improved Soil Analysis

Law Fertilisers Ltd have introduced a better and improved soil testing and analysis scheme. Along with our laboratory soil analysis we have now launched our advanced mapping technologies. Using this approach we can now integrate our sampling, recommendations and application therefore giving a consistent and quality service to our customers.

Many of our customers have already benefited from our soil mapping service, an economical tailor-made service which is guaranteed to maintain soil indices across variable soil types with prices from £1/acre.

  • Yield to nutrient mapping 50p/ha
  • Lime mapping only £1/ha
  • Complete suite-soil structure/8 nutrients/ecology/CEC/compaction mapping

Award for Innovation in Wheat 2006

Law Fertilisers Ltd beat off competition from over 70 other companies worldwide in winning the Innovation in Wheat Award for 2006 from the Home Grown Cereals Authority. The award was given for “innovation in the use of crop nutrition to add value to wheat and increasing the competitiveness of UK wheat in export markets”.

It will enable the company to commercialise for the benefit of the UK grower, and primarily Law Fertilisers’ customers unique technology developed at our factory.

For further information please go to the Nutrilaw web site at

Environmental & Agronomy Services

We can now provide a full agronomy service from the development of crop input strategic plans, daily agronomic support and field walking through to problem solving and overall farm business reviews.

With the increasing opportunities of environmentally based farm support we can also prepare not only ELS but also Higher Level Schemes, the latter scheme provides significantly higher funding and our costs of preparing the proposal are partly paid for by DEFRA.

If you require any information about Law Fertilisers, its products and services, please call 01354 740740 or use the contact page on this web site.