Fertilisers: Sugar Beet

For beet growers, the continued reduction in income per tonne requires greater efforts to increase yields and sugar levels and the targeted use of nutrients plays a positive role in increasing yields and sugars.

Law Fertilisers have developed targeted fertiliser strategies for sugar beet, based on more complete and flexible crop nutrition, with the aim of maximising speed and quality of establishment and increasing sugar beet yields and sugar levels.

The strategy is based on

  • Reviewing fertiliser input levels on crop uptake, not off-take
  • Assessing optimum type, timing and placement of fertiliser
  • Maximising speed and quality of establishment
  • Targeting nutrition for optimum leaf development and quality
  • The use of foliar feeds and trace elements to minimise crop stress

Budget plough-down fertilisers do not assist the critical early establishment phase of sugar beet. By using seedbed fertilisers, crops can be drilled earlier and develop full canopies earlier in the season, whilst there is still a chance of adequate soil moisture in April, thereby reducing water loss direct from the soil surface.

The reduced risk of frosts allows earlier drilling and the use of soluble phosphates close to the developing seedling will speed growth past the vulnerable cotyledon stage.

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