Granules: Other Trace Elements

Laws have a wide range of soil applied fertilisers to correct micro nutrient deficiencies and can advise on deficiency by either soil or plant inspection and analysis.

Soil factors can cause micronutrient deficiencies in crops.

These include:

  • High soil pH levels can have a negative effect on micro nutrient availability
  • High salt content can adversely affect micronutrient uptake
  • A hugh CaC03 content in the soil
  • Sandy or peaty soils with low micronutrient contents
  • Failure to add micronutrients to the soil in the wake of intensive cultivation

Law’s Magnesium (16% Mg)
Law’s Sodium (37% Na)
Law’s Sulphur (99% S)

Law’s Boron (10% Bo)
Boron is essential for the correct meristem growth (growing points of roots and shoots) and for carbohydrate metabolism, synthesis of nucleic acids and pollination.

Law’s Iron (50% Fe)
Iron is essential for chlorophyll formation and protein synthesis.

Law’s Manganese (25% Mn)
Manganese is needed for leaf colour and photosynthesis and protein synthesis.

Law’s Zinc (25% Zn)
Zinc is essential for the correct functioning of many enzyme systems and is used in the metabolism of the plant hormone, auxin.

Law’s Copper (25% Cu)
Copper is needed for plant enzyme components such as nitrogen reductase and is also required for the manufacture of lignin to make cell walls.

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